This free 2 hour session is all about giving you access to the very teaching material our students experience. Insha Allah you will get to see how we teach Arabic, the content, the support, and overall, the whole study system. You see, At Shine, we do things differently. Our unique study system helps busy individuals make twice the progress in half the time. Although others do offer Arabic studies, our explanations are short, simple and crisp and clear, helping you get the maximum out of each lesson without stress.

We teach Arabic to busy individuals at their convenience. With Shine, you have anytime access to our signature video tutorials, plus, our invaluable one-to-one support and guidance. So rest assured, Insha Allah you will be off to the best possible start.

We have students coming in at various stages. Some have never studied a word of Arabic, whereas some just need a refresher. But all of them will assure you that the study techniques we provide are what busy individuals like yourself need. So, whether it’s the possession possessor structure, or the scales and patterns for nouns and verbs, each area is simplified into manageable chunks and introduced bit by bit with practice and feedback all the way. Insha Allah we plan to make you fans of the Arabic language. To listen to student testimonials, check out the video.