Arabic is for everyone! Yes, you heard me, Arabic is for everyone. Whether you are a complete beginner and are not sure how to navigate around this, or you have tried before but never got through. Even so, Arabic is for everyone.

Why do I say so with such confidence? Because the Qur’an was revealed as a guide for humanity. That’s all of us. And it was revealed in Arabic. So that too must be for all of us, right? So therefore, just as we can speak our native language, and just as we have the ability to learn another language (like French or German in school), we have it in us to learn Arabic. Regardless of your previous experiences, or lack of previous experiences, this language is the one that your Creator has sent his noble word in. So it really can’t be that hard.

But doing it correctly, as you are probably shouting out now, does require a wonderful system of learning. And that was step 1.

Now with that in place, the next major ingredient is to ‘believe in yourself’.

So let’s do this again, repeat after me. ‘The Quran has come down for humanity, and it has come in Arabic. Therefore, I have it in me to learn Arabic’. (Don’t worry, by the end of this post, Insha Allah you are going to experience it for yourself. And Insha Allah you are going to be full of self-belief)

Now over to todays Action step (insha Allah there will be more in the PDF).

Action step 1. Just for a moment (or as long as you like), close your eyes and be the image you see of yourslef when you have mastered Arabic. How do you feel? What are you going to do with this new skill? How will you connect better with Allah? How will it make you feel to see the seerah of His Beloved ﷺ as you read the Qur’an?

Subhanallah, the mind is so powerful, and now that you know where you want to be, jot down (and this is the major part of the action step), jot down everything you are going to do to get to this desired level (you can also jot down what may or already has hindered your progress – and for now don’t think of time as an issue – trust me).

And here’s a bonus. You already have my details (or use the form below). Send me your thoughts. I’ll be so happy to read them, and Insha Allah I will also respond.

If you have started to believe you can study Arabic, even in the slightest, then subhanallah, you have just witnessed the blend of a ‘great system’ mixing with ‘self-belief’. Both are required in this two-way street of learning. And remember, great system is one that will fill you with self-belief.

I pray you are loving this new message series. And if you are already feeling on top of the world, just imagine what you will feel by step 6. Subhanallah!

Now I did promise you that you will be filled with self-belief by the end of the post. So do go over to the Shine Arabic homepage, go about half way down and experience Arabic for yourself. Enjoy, and do let me know how it went.

Moulana Mohammed Daud

Founder of Shine Arabic


Still to come in the PDF

What are smart objectives and how can you use them?

More tips on mindset!!

The smart choice is Shine

A Review from a Mother of Four

I have always desired to study Arabic simply because I wanted to understand what I was praying whilst reciting the Holy Qur’an and my daily du’as. I first started learning Arabic many years ago by attending a weekly course. I soon realised that this wasn’t working for me and I eventually gave up.  At one point I even tried to learn by myself without a teacher, but again, I realised that this was just not feasible. In August this year I discovered the Shine Online Arabic course, after a friend recommended it to me. Since then, I have not looked back! The Shine Online course is absolutely perfect for me. Even though I have more personal responsibilities now than when I did when I first started to learn Arabic, I have managed to keep up with my work and Alhumdulillah I have made significant progress. This is due to the way the course has been structured. I pick a time during my day which suits me, to complete my work, without the pressure of having to attend classes away from home. The Friday Live sessions perfectly compliment and consolidate the lessons I have covered during the week. The daily video lessons are clear and concise and explain the text book very well, and if there’s still something I have difficulty understanding, or if I have any further questions, then I know my tutor is only a text message away. The assignment-based assessments also ensure that I know which chapters I need to brush up on, without the stress of timed examinations. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about learning Arabic, but is worried that their daily responsibilities might hold them back. As a mother of four young children and multiple household responsibilities, I can definitely say this course fits perfectly into my busy schedule, and gives me the opportunity to pursue something I have always been passionate about. JazakAllah to everyone at Shine for providing such a fantastic and easy gateway to the wonderful world of Arabic.   Aisha Harif