So although step 5 is my favourite, step 6 is the most important by far.

You will have most certainly heard the famous Hadith of our beloved Rasul ﷺ. Where Rasulullah ﷺ explains to us that we must take advantage of five things before five others may occur. He ﷺ told us to take advantage of our youth before old age comes, to take advantage of our health lest we become ill, of wealth in case of reduction of wealth, of free time before constraints of time, and of life before death.

Subhanallah, what wise words. Let’s now take a look at how the scholars analysed this hadeeth.


Ibn Hajar Rahimahullah says that when an opportunity presents itself in the evening, the wise and clever individual takes advantage of it immediately and does not wait till the morning, lest he loses this opportunity. Similarly, he will not let the morning pass for evening to come without taking advantage of the opportunity.

Now from the five things Rasulullah ﷺ mentioned, number five is the most crucial. Make the most of your life before your death. Because when death comes, you can no longer physically do more for yourself. (Read on. Subhanallah. This wonderful Deen Allah has blessed us with has all the solutions – so take any Sadqa Jaariyah opportunity that comes to you. And kindly spread the word about Shine, Insha Allah it will also be a means of Sadqa Jaaariyah for you)


Now as for the other four are limitations – the chance is not completely over. Let’s take a hypothetical example. Abdullah has wealth but doesn’t spend it in noble causes. Before using his wealth in a way beloved to Allah, Abdullah lost his wealth. But alhamdulillah Abdullah still has a chance to save up and give a smaller amount in a noble cause. Or he may now opt for another avenue of good, for example nafl prayers. But he has lost out on the opportunity to maximise his reward. The Prophet ﷺ is advising to maximise your time and profit before any of these four limiting obstacles comes in the way.

However as for the fifth obstacle, well that’s game over. And so IF YOU ARE ALIVE, you still have time to add to your book of deeds and count your blessings.


Alhamdulillah at Shine, our vision is for the Qur’an to open up to one and all. May we all be blessed with a true connection to our Creator and our Messenger ﷺ. Ameen.

Alhamdulillah we have tried to make this study of Arabic easy for everybody in every walk of life.

For young and old

For healthy and ill

For the busy and the not-so-busy

For the well-to-do and those who need assistance


So make the most of the precious moments we have left in this beautiful gift of life. A step in the right direction may be all that is needed to gain the eternal pleasure of Allah.

After these six steps, and after this beautiful Prophetic guidance, ﷺ, I strongly urge you now to look into starting your Arabic study with Shine.

Simply register your interest and Insha Allah I will get the relevant info sent to you. And don’t worry, if you have any questions, insha Allah we will deal with those before moving forward. I am not worried if you feel that the Shine program is not the right fit for you. But it is worrying if you don’t find out what opportunities the Shine program may have for you. Insha Allah, I assure you it will be lifechanging!


Alhamdulillah that’s the end of this message series. But insha Allah, just the start of your journey to master Arabic. I pray you have enjoyed this message series. Please pray for the success of this program. May Allah bless and reward you and may we all be blessed with a true and everlasting connection with Allah and His Rasul  ﷺ. Ameen

Moulana Mohammed Daud









The smart choice is Shine

A Review from a Mother of Four

I have always desired to study Arabic simply because I wanted to understand what I was praying whilst reciting the Holy Qur’an and my daily du’as. I first started learning Arabic many years ago by attending a weekly course. I soon realised that this wasn’t working for me and I eventually gave up.  At one point I even tried to learn by myself without a teacher, but again, I realised that this was just not feasible. In August this year I discovered the Shine Online Arabic course, after a friend recommended it to me. Since then, I have not looked back! The Shine Online course is absolutely perfect for me. Even though I have more personal responsibilities now than when I did when I first started to learn Arabic, I have managed to keep up with my work and Alhumdulillah I have made significant progress. This is due to the way the course has been structured. I pick a time during my day which suits me, to complete my work, without the pressure of having to attend classes away from home. The Friday Live sessions perfectly compliment and consolidate the lessons I have covered during the week. The daily video lessons are clear and concise and explain the text book very well, and if there’s still something I have difficulty understanding, or if I have any further questions, then I know my tutor is only a text message away. The assignment-based assessments also ensure that I know which chapters I need to brush up on, without the stress of timed examinations. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about learning Arabic, but is worried that their daily responsibilities might hold them back. As a mother of four young children and multiple household responsibilities, I can definitely say this course fits perfectly into my busy schedule, and gives me the opportunity to pursue something I have always been passionate about. JazakAllah to everyone at Shine for providing such a fantastic and easy gateway to the wonderful world of Arabic.   Aisha Harif