Introducing the Arabic refresher Course for دروس اللغة العربية Madinah books 1 and 2.

Have you ever thought of refreshing your Arabic, but are worried of the challenges that will get in the way?

If so, don’t worry! We have just the solution to help you on the go.

Using material which we have created around books 1 and 2, insha Allah we will work with you on a weekly basis and help you complete book 1 in just three months.

Weekly webinars, specially created color coded notes and podcast recordings are part of the strategy to help you retain everything whilst you are on the go.

All of this is just £7.50 per month, (less than £2.00 per week) plus our signature 1-1 support

Starts this Sunday, 10.30am till 11.15am.

It’s your time to Shine