1. Imran

    This is still a bit confusing. Perhaps it would be helpful to go over the answers in a bit more detail.

    • Shine Admin

      Ok, lets try break the exercise into smaller chunks. There are a few things to look out for

      1. Mudhaaf (possession) and Mudahaaf ilayhi (Posessor)

      In all our sentences, the mudhaaf has one dhamma

      In all our sentences, the mudhaaf ilayhi has kasra (one kasra if there is Alif Laam on the word, tow kasra if there is a tanween)

      2. The words Ism and Ibn. If these come at the start of the sentence, the hamza gets a kasra.

      If these two come anywhere besides the start of the sentence, we don’t pray the hamza. Instead, we join the second letter ‘ibn’ (the baa) and ‘ism’ (the seen) with the last letter of the previous word.

      I hope that helped


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