1. Imran Khan

    You have underlined the beard and called it a new feminine word whereas in the lecture, you called it a male word (famun) because it is a single part without a pair. Can you clarify?

    • Shine Admin

      There seems to be a confusion here. Let’s try clarify

      The word for beard is لِحْيَةٌ . It is a feminine word as it ends in a small round taa

      The Word for mouth is فَمٌ. It is a masculine word

      I can also see now where your confusion lies. Jazakallah for pointing out. One way of looking at this is that the taa supersedes the rule of the pairs. So if there is a taa at the end, it is feminine, regardless of pairs or no pairs.

      Note: the rule of pairs doesn’t actually work for every part of the body, but it does for most. So at a beginning stage it’s a useful trick

      Once again, masha Allah, well spotted.


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